10 + 1 Facts That You Need to Know About MacKeeper

Below you will find 11 facts about the MacKeeper app, a multifunctional bundle of apps for the Mac OS X.

  1. MacKeeper offers 16 tools in just one app at a reasonable price. Several pricing options are available.
  2. MacKeeper’s slogan is “Human Inside,” meaning that it offers connection to real-life Apple Certified Professionals who will help you solve various issues with your Mac, which are related to cleaning, security, and optimization.
  3. MacKeeper has an antivirus, which made it a subject of discussions where many Mac users believed that MacKeeper was a virus – because of an antivirus and a name similar to Mac Defender. Further discussion can be found here.
  4. Despite the previous fact, MacKeeper’s antivirus was rated by VB100 and AV Comparatives as one of the most secure antiviruses.
  5. MacKeeper has its own security research center, which is led by Chris Vickery, an independent security researcher who earlier discovered some breaches in MacKeeper’s databases and thus was offered a job.
  6. MacKeeper is one of the official sponsors of Macworld EXPO.
  7. MacKeeper’s Anti-Theft technology once helped to catch a band of computer thieves in Europe.
  8. Now Anti-Theft also has the Track My Mac feature that helps to locate a missing Mac by using the iPhone.
  9. MacKeeper’s Backup tool can create reserve file copies not only for the entire hard drive, but also for separate files and folders, and not only on the hard drive, but also on external devices.
  10. MacKeeper’s Files Recovery feature can restore files that were lost not only on your Mac’s hard drive, but also on external devices.
  11. MacKeeper offers a 15-day fully functional trial.


More Features of MacKeeper

  1. Fast Cleanup: By using the four cleaners, removes junk from your hard drive from various sources: caches, logs, UI languages, etc.
  2. Duplicates Finder: Detects file copies, even those that were renamed.
  3. Memory Cleaner: Monitors your Mac’s RAM state and enables you to free it up.
  4. Disk Usage: Detect the largest files on your hard drive.
  5. Smart Uninstaller: Removes unneeded apps leaving no trace.
  6. Update Tracker: Informs you about the availability of the latest versions of your apps.
  7. Data Encryptor: Makes your confidential files totally invisible on the hard drive.
  8. Shredder: Makes your confidential info disappear completely from the hard drive, so that even special software cannot recover it.
  9. Default Apps: Assigns certain file extensions to certain apps that should open files with these extensions.
  10. Login Items: Disables automatic launch of certain apps upon the startup of your Mac, thus making it run faster.
  11. Files Finder: Looks for specific files on your Mac, such as music, photos, documents, apps, or archives.
  12. Geek on Demand: You can leave a request to get help with some technical issues, and the Apple Certified Support Professional will answer this request within 48 hours.