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When you need to choose among the writing services, they seem to be endless. The cheap ones, the rapid ones, and even completely unknown ones. They all promise proper essays within the deadline announced. But how to divide those capable of providing help from those that just have eyes for your money?

Let’s make use of logic and see how can help. First of all, the service claims it only takes 3,5 minutes to make the order. Well, we are not sure about the exact time but have to say the order form is pretty long. But they’re not trying to make you spend hours filling it out, it’s just that as soon as you uncover as much detail as possible, you reduce further discussion over these features with your writer.

They also offer you the Top writer option. A top writer is a person who has been working for the service for a relatively long time with good feedback. Thus, you can hope to get a better-written work. We say ‘hope’ because you can actually get a pretty decent paper even with the standard writer, but you never know. Top writer is probably a handy option in case the work you’re ordering is extremely relevant for you. As you will have to pay extra for that service, of course.

Quality and rapid delivery

You can be sure to get a completely original paper. This makes the service a relevant partner when it comes to essay writing for hire. Every time you order an essay or other work, the writer ensures understanding between you two and asks questions if needed. This is possible thanks to a useful message board you can use to discuss the work. But what if the paper you ordered still needs changes? Just ask for them and get a free revision if you demand it not later than two weeks since you get the paper.

All the orders are delivered online, of course, this makes the process fast and convenient. The payments are performed the same way, and they are all effected via secure ways only.

As for the data you give, it remains uncovered to the third parties, so your records are protected. Also, all the rights to the work belong to the customer exclusively. This makes it easier to order at

The service is also glad to offer you 10% off if you are a first-time customer and give you other rebates regularly. Hint: they often take place around holidays.

Of course, you can read the other reviews and ask your friends, which is probably even better. We think the service can be called an okay one, and it has certain benefits that other ones can lack. Anyway, it’s up to you whether to resort to their help or try to write the work yourself. Oh, by the way, they offer rather good editing and proofreading services, so you’ll be able to make your own paper better and make sure it complies with the assignment you got. Deliberate on this opportunity, too.