5 main rules to become successful freelancer

In order to achieve the desired level in the work, you should keep certain commandments of freelancers. These rules will help you to develop the right strategy.


  1. Get in touch

A good artist is always ready to answer questions, give consultation and make changes. Nobody wants to work with the non-executive, lazy, optional people. That’s why you have to be sure that you are always on-line, and so you can do the task as quickly as possible.

  1. Reputation

It’s a must to have a portfolio, where you will have not only examples of work performed, but also recommendations from customers. It will be very nice to have your own business card or a small web-site with a list of services that you provide, a great example is cheap essay writing service. Also there can be links to projects, prices and general information about you. Try to attend some workshops and other special activities devoted to your profession more often. There you will not only improve your skills, but also be able to find new customers.

  1. The daily work

Stick to the schedule. If you run several projects, the best solution will be to make a suitable schedule for the work. Do not handle it all at once, especially if the topics are very different. Carry out orders in order of urgency or by the presence of inspiration. But it will be great if you will make only one project per day.

Never send work immediately after its implementation. Postpone the made text, picture, design or code for a while. Take a break in the other case, a walk, and only then check it all again. Certainly, if you will look again, you’ll want to make changes, remove unnecessary or add the missing.

  1. Objectivity

Properly evaluate your work. Perhaps, this is one of the most important and complex points. If you feel that you become better as a professional, so don’t be afraid of increasing prices. Keep in mind that the rate of payment is directly proportional to your professionalism. But it should give an adequate assessment of your abilities.

  1. Focus on growth

Always strive for more. Demand the impossible from yourself, improve, do not stand still. Read more (both specialized and fiction literature), guided by the best, but compete only with yourself.

To sum up all my worlds, I’d like to say that even you have written an amazing article or made the best design, don’t stop working.

About the Author: Ann Zippo is a successful businesswoman. She has her own shop in the Internet.

Italy: two best universities of Milan

Italian universities are among the oldest, but most of their infrastructure is at a very progressive level. Majority of universities have library networks, several museums, sometimes even several branches in different cities (for example, the University of Bologna offices are located in Rimini, Forlì and Cesena). For foreign students there are hostels, but they often prefer to rent housing in the private sector. As in every university and in some academies there are sports facilities, including a suburban sports centers, swimming pools, gyms, etc.

State University of Milan – Bicocca

State University of Milan – Bicocca (Universit à degli studi di Milano – Bicocca) was founded in 1998 with the main goal – to do research. In total, the University has 226 laboratories, and all of them are included in the cultural network linked very closely to the economic and social life of the city. Bicocca Students often buy research papers online. Research centers cooperate with the system of exhibitions and seminars, social and government programs aimed at the development and protection of the different branches of knowledge, but especially on the development of the business community, which generally ensures competitiveness and the constant development of the University of Milan – Bicocca.
The university has over 32,000 students, and the teaching is conducted at 8 faculties. Key training areas are: the economy of tourism, organization and business management, economics and law, statistics, health care, media and journalism, social sciences and humanities, natural sciences, psychology and pedagogy. Bicocca offers students 195 classrooms, 46 language and computer centers, 3 large library.

State University of Milan

State University of Milan (Universit à degli studi di Milano) was founded in 1924 and originally consisted of 4 faculties: Law, Literature and Philosophy, Medicine and Surgery, Natural, mathematical and physical sciences. Today it offers studying at 9 faculties, 137 courses (undergraduate and magistracy), 20 Doctoral Schools and 74 Specialization Schools. Teaching staff comprises 2500 teachers, who represent the highest concentration of scientific expertise in the region, and the study is estimated at the highest level among the universities in Italy and Europe.
University departments are located in both an important historical building in the center of Milan and in modern buildings in the area known as the campus. Research work at the University of Milan and publications have scientific value, as well as numerous research centers.

About the author: Federico Patricia is a freelance writer. He keens on poetry, music and history. Federico loves reading books and playing volleyball.

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