Essay writing prompts

Writing a catchy essay boils down to proper organization from outlining, crafting thesis statements when necessary, and finally, writing the essay. The process of writing an appealing essay ends with an interesting, and relatable conclusion. Writing essay prompts are essential in helping students achieve both clarity and precision. Here is a list of 10 prompts students can use to guide them in their writing.

1.     Argumentative essay writing prompts provide students with ideas of how to structure their essays. For instance, when addressing the question whether human beings should or shouldn’t eat meat, you should include facts that are for and against your position. In doing so, you demonstrate a degree of scholarship and desire to add onto already existing conversations about your topic.

2.     There are different types of essays which are: professional, scholarly, personal, among others. In the context of personal essays, you should use personal essay writing prompts that emphasize on you, as a student, to focus on your beliefs on particular subjects. You can discuss the importance of friendship and how your conceptualization of the said concept shapes how you relate with others.

3.     In some cases, you will be required to persuade your readers to consider your views regarding a particular topic. To achieve your desired goal, you can use persuasive essay writing prompts to provide support for your topic. For example, you can give your definition of success and use scholarly evidence to support your key points. You can enhance your argument using personal examples showing how you have or have not been successful in various aspects of your life.

4.     At school, teachers employ different styles of giving instruction. While some require that you memorize course concepts, others use a more interactive and practical approach. As you transition from high school to college, you can use your essay writing prompts for high school to describe your experiences with different teaching styles stating the one you consider to be the most effective.

5.     College essay writing prompts equip students with the necessary skills for when they transition into adulthood, in preparation for the job market. You might not have any idea of what you would want to do after you complete your studies at the technical, college or university level.  It is a common experience among graduates to not have a clear idea of what they should do. However, with the help of essay writing guidelines, you can explore three potential career paths explaining why you think they are a good fit.

6.     SATs are a special type of exam meant to determine a student’s eligibility to enter into college. They are, therefore, vital and should be held in high regard as they allow for the determination of an individual’s academic preparedness. As a potential student, you can familiarize yourself with SAT essay writing prompts when discussing a particular topic. For instance, you can discuss how commercials have resorted to sexualizing children by presenting them in adult clothing. In your essay, you can use scholarly evidence to persuade your reader that commercials have affected the society negatively through such presentation of children.

7.     The integration of technology in society has had both positive and negative effects. Students at different stages of learning, whether elementary, middle school, high school, and college, can use their personal devices (smartphones, tablets, and computers). Using your essay writing prompts for middle school, you can discuss how continued access to such technologies has had a positive or negative impact on the society. You can use your personal experience to support your key points.

8.     The current system of education is under scrutiny following accusations that it is undermining creativity in younger learners. Proponents of such a view are likely to argue that the education system emphasizes the use of technology in the classroom which comes in the way of students’ ability to demonstrate their creativity. However, there are those who will argue that technology only enhances but does not limit creativity. You can look at the differing views of education experts to demonstrate the significance of creativity and imagination and how it can be enhanced in the classroom.

9.     Our descendants had their own experiences with school. For example, they did not have access to advanced learning technology as we do. In the current context of education, students have access to social media networks where they can have discussions with their peers. They can also use their smart devices to support learning needs. You can use such experiences to describe what you think were the experiences of students about five decades ago.

10.  In some cases, you are required to use your imagination to write an essay. Considering the quality of life and your experiences in your neighborhood or town, you should write an essay that persuades the reader the value of your place of birth. If you have no positive experiences, you can choose a different location as the focus of your essay. 

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